Varshphal is decided on the basis of the annual horoscope of native which is constructed for a year by selecting a time when sun reaches the same longitude of the natal sun. Varshphal horoscope report is your one whole yearly predictions regarding health, job, business, wealth, success and failures, expected happenings and changes , favourable timings. Predictions can not be done only on the basis of Varshphal Charts rather birth chart, dasha and transit will also be considered. This type of Varshphal can be cast for any specific year.


Varshphal Predictions Report Features

Astrology Calculations and Charts

  • Lagna Chart
  • Planetery position
  • Moon Chart
  • Navamsa Chart
  • Nirayana Bhava Chalit Chart
  • Muntha

  • Muntha Lord
  • Year Lord (Varsheshwar)
  • Favourable timings
  • Predictions will be given almost for every aspects like Education, profession, Finance, Marriage, Children, Property, Travel, Career, Health, Parents, Luck etc

Remedies or Solutions
These remedies will help strengthens the benefic planets to amplify the positive results and nullify the malefic effects of the bad or afflicted planets.
  • Gems – Method of wearing, Specific Mantra, Muhurat
  • Pooja, Mantra, Fast, offerings as per Birth chart and Dasha
Rs 3000

Rs 3000

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