5 Years Predictions

5 Years Predictions


This model gives you detailed astrological calculations and 5 years predictions about future events of life based on birth details. This is a comprehensive astrology report which will cover 5 years predictions on every aspects of native’s life i.e. education, career, marriage, luck, business, finance, property, health, family etc. , 5 years Dashaphal , Gemstones and remedies. This will really provide you in depth analysis of every aspects of life, accurate forecast, easy suggestions and remedies to get rid of the problems in your life.

5 Years Predictions Report Features

Astrology Calculations and Charts

  • Lagna Chart, Planet positions
  • Moon and Navamsa Chart
  • Chalit Chart- Bhava Spasht
  • Shodash Varga – There are 16 divisional charts which are studied to predict certain specific aspects of life like wealth, spouse, parents, children etc. These are evaluated to analyse the finer conditions, strengths and effects of the planets.
  • Karaka, Avastha , Tara Chakra
  • Sudarshan Chakra
  • Aspects on Planets
  • Aspects on Bhava Middle
  • Aspects on Cusps
  • Upgrahas and Arudha
  • Vimsopak Bala- Shadvarga
  • Vimsopak Bala – Saptvarga
  • Vimsopak Bala – Dashvarga
  • Shodash Varga Table
  • Naisargik, Tatkalik, Panchdha Maitri Chakra
  • Ashtakvarga
  • Sarvashtak Varga, Trikon Shodhan
  • Shadbala-Bhavbala
  • Sarvatobhadra Chakra
  • Vimshotari Antardasha
  • Vimshotri Pratyantar Dasha
  • Yogini Dasha / Antardasha
  • Yogas- Specific Planetary Combinations in natal chart
  • KP System – Planets Position, Significators and Planets Vs Houses
  • Sage Jaimini System – Karakansh Kundli, Swansh Kundli, Pad Lagna , Argala . Predictions will be based on considering planets position in these chakra also

  • House and Planet Reading – Predictions about each aspects of your life like Education, profession, Finance, Marriage, Children, Property, Travel, Career, Health, Parents, Luck and much more. This will be done by comprehensive study and in depth analysis of each house and planets located there and and its influence on that specific area of life.
  • Detailed 5 years Transit Predictions - Yearly Predictions on various aspect of life based on transit of planets
  • Mahadasha Predictions 5 years
  • Predictions on Different Yogas
  • Suggestion about favourable Gems and stones, day, colour, offerings, Pooja, Year etc

Remedies and solutions
These remedies will help strengthens the benefic planets to amplify the positive results and nullify the malefic effects of the bad or afflicted planets.
  • Gems – Method of wearing, Specific Mantra, Muhurat
  • Pooja, Mantra, Fast, offerings as per Birth chart and Dasha
  • Remedies for Manglik Dosha
  • Remedies for Sadesati
  • Remedies for Kaalsarp Yoga



5 Years Prediction

Rs 5000

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