Horoscope 2020: General Predictions

This year seems to be quite prosperous, peaceful and joyful for Sagittarius people. In the beginning of the year Saturn will be positioned in the second house which is related to finance and wealth. The presence of Saturn here will increase your inflow of cash and savings. However, Jupiter will enter in your second house on 30th March which might weaken it. But Your hard work and sincere efforts will give you fruitful results.

For Sagittarius, the career will shine this year. You will get lot of opportunities for your career growth and advancement. You may get reward, recognition and promotion due to your hard work and improved performance. You will feel happy with your professional growth and monetary gains. You might get new job offer or transferred to your desired location. Your hard work and wise approach may bring a positive change in your career or profession. Support from your colleagues and seniors at workplace will be advantageous for you.

This year, you have to work more to earn substantial profit. You need to be careful about your expenses otherwise it will cause financial loss. Be careful while investing or breaking any investment. From March to June will be the right time for investment. However, Long term investment would not be good. It is advised to take guidance of financial expert. You will have more moneymaking sources than regular ones. You may also get profit from foreign companies and business. You may be benefitted by selling old inherited property. You might spend money on pilgrimage or on some auspicious events.

This year students need to concentrate hard on studies in accomplishing their desire successfully. The period from January to March is good in terms of education and higher studies both. Those who are preparing for competitive exams will receive success this year. Since Jupiter will transit in Capricorn it’s debilitated sign on 29th March and will remain there till 30th June, this period will be little challenging for you. Planetary transit will support the students who are aspiring to go abroad for further studies.

This year, happiness, peace and harmony are expected to prevail in your family life. You are likely to enjoy all the comforts of life. You will have great understanding with your partner. Your respect may increase in society, because of your helping nature. You will get full support from your family members and friends which will bring joy and happiness in your family. This year will be favourable for love life except few misunderstandings which can be resolved wisely through mutual understanding.

This year, you should be careful about your health but no major health issue. You may suffer from chest and throat problems. Joints pain blood pressure related problems may trouble you. You need to change your life style by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. Control your anger and avoid stress . This might adversely affect your health.

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