Career Forecast


Career Forecast Report Features


  • Horoscope ( Janam Kundali) - Astrological Charts and Calculations
  • Analysis and Information provided

          - Business or Service

          - Area of Profession

          - Good periods ( from Dashaphal) and Cream period of life regarding your profession

          - Job change

          - In depth analysis of Yogas( Astrological combinations) related to career present in your Birth Chart


Suggestions and Remedies


These remedies will help strengthens the benefic planets to amplify the positive results in your career and to remove hurdles and minimising malefic effects of the bad or afflicted planets.

  • Gems – Method of wearing, Specific Mantra, Muhurat
  • Pooja, Mantra, Fast, offerings as per Birth chart and Dasha

Any other specific Question or Issue related to your career you want to ask

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