Horoscope 2019: General Predictions

According to the Aries horoscope 2019, you will get mixed results. The year 2019 for you is going to be full of ups and downs. During the initial couple of months of this year, you may feel stress and anxiety even on small issues and that will increase your anger and aggression. You will have to control your anger and aggression.

As per planetary transits, Jupiter will transit Scorpio in your 8th house, from January 2019 to 30th March 2019. It will transit Sagittarius from 30th March to 22nd April. After 22nd April, it will again be transiting Scorpio till 4th November. Jupiter will be retrograde from 10th April to 11th August. Saturn will be remaining in Sagittarius in your 9th house, for the whole year and will retrograde from 30th April to 18th September. In the beginning of the year, Rahu will be transiting Cancer but after 6th March, it will enter Gemini in your 3rd house. Accordingly, Ketu will also be transiting Sagittarius in your 9th house after 6th March.
You will get mixed results in terms of career this year. Although, you may face some setbacks during the starting of year, but You have to do your work with full energy and zeal. Your hard work, good planning and sincerity will give you the good results. If you are in job, you may get promotion and salary hike. You might have to do work related travel throughout the year. Do not involve in gossips, conflicts and office politics. People who are in business are advised to not invest huge amount in business during the initial months of the year. Later months would be profitable.

In terms of finance, wealth and money, the year 2019 looks promising for Aries except few ups and downs. You shall gain profits from your business and profession. You may face some financial challenges April and May. But you should be patient and control over expenses. You should avoid investment on mutual fund and shares without consulting financial expert.

The students under Aries in this year would be very good in this year. Your hard work will give you good results in August and September. Your luck will favour you in competitive exams. You may feel lack of concentration in beginning of the year but it will improve later.

This year, your family life will be mostly peaceful and pleasant except few issues. You have to control your ego and deal with sensitive issues carefully and diplomatically. In general, your family will enjoy good health and well-being. However, your spouse might get illness so you should be careful. Your children will perform good in their studies.

Health wise, you will get mixed results over all this year. Whenever Jupiter transits in your 8th house Scorpio you would get discomfort and some sort of illness. You must be careful about your health in order to avoid any major complications. You might also feel stressed due to hectic life or some personal problems.

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