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This portal has dedicated team of experienced and eminent astrologers. Our astrologers are thorough professionals who give you the perfect advice as well as guidance for the right times to make right decision as far as the various aspects of your life is concerned. We don’t provide software generated predictions. We manually prepare predictions report after thorough study and in-depth analysis of individual’s horoscope. Our clients have full trust in us therefore they praise and recommend us. In turn, we look forward to their testimonials and feedback and constantly try to make our services better. Some of the testimonials of our Astrology Predictions are listed here. Few names are given in short as per their request to protect the privacy .

I Have been knowing main astrologer of Futureon for the last 22 years when I was doing doctorate. She made very detailed horoscope, analysed thoroughly and predicted about all the major aspects of my life such as career, marriage, wealth, health etc. Since then, I have found all the predictions of my life are amazingly correct. These say lot about in depth knowledge of Vedic Astrology she has acquired.

Neelima has been extremely helpful when I have been in dire need. She has not only been solution oriented in her approach but has been able to predict based on my horoscope with exact dates which have exactly come true. Today, I try to take her advice before taking any major decisions in my life


II Consulted FutureOn for my promotion and job assignment in USA. Predictions were correct and I got the promotion and shifted to USA from India at very high-profile assignment. I am most impressed with accuracy of the time. I am consulting FutureOn regularly for me and my family members.

Me and my family have been consulting Neelima ji for the last many years. She prophecies accurately with great sincerity, transparency and honesty. I am most impressed with her logical explanation about planetry transits, planets combination and their positions for every prediction she makes. I am really grateful to Neelima ji.


I heard about Futureon.biz from one of my friend and I showed my horoscope to her for consultation. I found excellent horoscope forecasts with accuracy of time. Her predictions and advise helped me and my family members take right decisions in our lives.
Horoscope predictions rendered by FutureOn about my daughter’s career prospect is very accurate. Their advice of wearing ring of correct stone at right time really work for my daughter to amplify the positive results of good planets and subsequently getting success in choosing her career.
I felt really good and got satisfied after consulting FutureOn for analysis of my horoscope as interpretations closely match with my life happenings. Predictions are accurate and quite convincing.
I have an immense faith on FutureOn services. Services are genuine and authentic. Excellent and accurate predictions. I felt really good and got satisfied after consulting FutureOn. The best thing is that they provide manually prepared comprehensive prediction report not generic or software generated.
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