Horoscope 2020: General Predictions

The year 2020, will be challenging year for the natives of Taurus. However, plenty of chances and opportunities may open to build your future bright. Hard work and sincere efforts will give you desired success.

There will be some challenges in your career front, and you will have to put extra efforts to overcome the challenges. Saturn will be positioned in the ninth house in January which will support hard working people to achieve their goals. Un employed people should try to make their best they might get good opportunities. Saturn will turn retrograde from 11th May onwards, which might cause problems in your work and negative impacts on luck fronts. As soon as Saturn turns direct, things will work in right direction. You have to be calm and keep patience. If you are in job, you should be humble and maintain cordial relations with your superiors and colleagues, they will help you in improving your performance and ultimately achieving results. Avoid clashes and involvement in controversies at your workplace. You may earn appreciation or get reward for your work.

Financially, this year may be challenging for you. You will clearly see significant improvement in your financial condition. Flow of income would not be good and you will see the increase in expenditure. Need to maintain balance between earning and spending to get rid of financial crisis. You are advised to think twice before doing any big investment. To consult expert in financial matters will be beneficial for you. You may construct or buy a house. Avoid gambling and lending.

This year, students need to strongly motivate themselves and put more efforts to score well and get good results in exams. Jupiter will turn progressive on 13th September, you will be able to do good in your respective fields. You will get good opportunities it is up to you to use these opportunities to make your future bright. Do not miss opportunities. The students preparing for competitive exams will get the success. February and March are favourable for them.

This year appears not to be good and peaceful as far as your family life is concerned. Your hectic schedule might disturb your partner and family. In beginning of the year, you may have heated arguments with your partner. You have to make balance between your personal and professional life for peace and happiness. You may plan a trip to spend good time with your family. Time period April to July will be good for the health and results of your children.

This year you will see many ups and downs in health front You must take care of your diet and maintain healthy lifestyle. Avoid stress and over exertion. Restlessness may cause serious health issues. You are advised to make work-life balance. You might feel muscles pain.

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