Horoscope 2020: General Predictions

This year seems to be good for Pisces natives. This year is going to be quite good in terms of monetary gains. A good planning and management are required to get better results. You will get new opportunities with regards to finance and occupation. Utilize these opportunities through your extra efforts and wise decisions to make your future bright and successful.

In terms of career this year seems to be great and productive for Pisces natives. You may grow and prosper with your hard work and right decisions. Period from January to march will support you to go ahead in your career. People are in the job will be praised and rewarded by your superiors. They might get promoted with salary hike. If you are looking for a job, some good options may appear. If you are businessmen, you would get profitable deals and good return on your investments. A work related trip to abroad might possible.

This year you will experience significant growth in terms of finance. The planet Saturn will enter in your eleventh house on 24th January, you will gain long term benefits due to this positioning. You will gain profit by giving property on rent also. You might get back your long pending money.You will get opportunities to make money from various sources which lead to earn profit. If you you are planning to buy new vehicle or house your dream will come true. You might be benefitted by your investments.

This year seems to be great for students in accomplishing their desire successfully. However, some students may feel disturbed or lack of concentration. Keep a check from distraction and diversion of mind. Your efforts need to be exerted upfront and may be for year until your goal is achieved. From beginning of the year to March and June to November will be the good period for the competitive exams. Your curiosity to learn new things will help you to enrich your knowledge and enhance your educational capabilities.

This year, you will experience mixed results with ups and downs in respect of your family life. The planet Rahu will be in your fourth house till mid- September, which will make you busy and keep away from your relatives. But after mid-September, Rahu will transit in your third house and you will find enhancement of happiness in your life. You may plan a trip to spend good time with your family. Some celebrations shall happen in your family. You need to take proper care of your parent’s health.

In terms of health, except some occasional health issues, this year seems fine for Pisces. You might feel stress due to your workload. You may suffer from nerves and stomach related problems. You should give some time to exercise or Yoga. You may feel tired and low energy level. You should find out time for rest and meditation. Good lifestyle and strict diet plan will make you fit and fine.

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