Horoscope 2019: General Predictions

This year is expected to give mixed results for people having Libra moon sign. New opportunities may open up to you through your contacts and communications with others. This can be a good time to utilize these opportunities to meet your needs and establish yourself.

As per planetary transits, Jupiter will transit Scorpio in your 2nd house, from January 2019 to 30th March 2019. It will transit Sagittarius from 30th March to 22nd April. After 22nd April, it will again be transiting Scorpio till 4th November. Jupiter will be retrograde from 10th April to 11th August. Saturn will be remaining in Sagittarius in your 3rd house, for the whole year and will retrograde from 30th April to 18th September. In the beginning of the year, Rahu will be transiting Cancer but after 6th March, it will enter Gemini where it transits for the rest of the year in your 9th house. Accordingly, Ketu will also be transiting Sagittarius in your 3rd house after 6th March.

This year, you can experience important turning points at career front. You will get success only through your hard work and sincere efforts. you may be more passionate, focussed and confident in taking new initiatives. As per the planetary position, after April your new initiatives will be successful in getting you good results. August onward is good period for job holders as they will get opportunity to display their intellect and talent to accomplish the work around . Those involved in business might gain good profits during September-December. Certain challenges and tough competition from rivals and competitors are also expected this year. You are advised to avoid anger and heated conversation at work place. You should make cordial relations with your superiors and fellow worker, which in turn would be beneficial for your progress.

In terms of economic gains, this year luck will be with you and you will get financial benefits. Your source of income will be increased which will strengthen your financial status. Some unwanted or unavoidable expenditure might come to your way, you just need to keep check on your spending on wasteful things. On the other hand, you may get new money making opportunities, so if you invest diligently with proper finance planning you will earn huge profit. Job holders may also get salary hike with promotion. You may buy land or house. This is a favourable period to clear your debts if you have taken loan. Avoid to take decisions of financial matter in haste.

This year could be competitive for students therefore students need to concentrate more and give extra time to their studies. Period from march seems favourable in terms of concentration and learnings of new things. From April, Situation will be more favourable and chances are high to get success especially for those preparing for competitive examination and interview.

You will be slightly disturbed in terms of your family life. You may face stress in your relationship with your spouse. You need to control your anger and avoid arguments with your partner for overall happiness at home. You might feel happy because of your children’s performance and results. Those who are involved in relationship may take time to express their feelings. Love relationships can be turn into marriage at the end of the year.

This year 2019 seems good for your health. As It would make you energetic, you will work harder at your workplace. Take proper diet and do exercise to keep your good health intact. People suffering from diabetes related issues need to take special care. Avoid rash driving. At the end of the year cough and cold may trouble you.

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