Horoscope 2020: General Predictions

Leo, the 2020 will bring certain radical changes in your lifestyle, career and personal life. Major planets are positioned together in the sixth house which will govern all the major changes along with challenges. You need not to be disappointed. You can handle this phase with patience and wise decisions. Some of your previous desires or ambitions would now be achieved. During the course of this year, utilize your energy properly to accomplishing more and to get the best rewards in life.

You will feel great enthusiasm, confidence and optimism which in turn will reflect in all your activities This year might ask for much commitment and hard work from Leo natives if they want to grow and be successful in their career life. Saturn will transit your sixth house on January 24 and remain in the same position throughout the year. Due to this transit, there will be good career opportunity for people in the job, they might get promoted with salary hike. They may get support or praised by their seniors at work place. Your sincerity and hard work will help you in achieving new heights. If you are businessmen, you would get profitable deals and good return on your investments. A work related trip to abroad might possible.

2020 horoscope of Leo people predicts financial stability and growth. Due to Rahu in 11th house, you may get new sources of income. The inflow of money is going to increase for Leo natives this year. Since, undesired expenses may trouble you. So, keep a check on your expenditure. From March onwards, time seems not good for any property related dealing or transactions. But after April onwards, you will be able to solve property related issues and may get monetary benefits in real estate deals. However, you need to be extra careful while making decisions about buying or selling the property.

In terms of education, 2020 is going to be successful year for Leo natives. You might face some challenges in the studies but your hard work will pay off and you will be able to secure good marks or desired results. The students preparing for the competitive exams, the period from April to July will be quite favourable. The students applying abroad for higher studies will get success.

Your family life would be slightly disturbed this year. Saturn, the ruler of your seventh house will enter in your sixth house after 24th January which will give rise to your enemies and also make your married life stressed. You need to be very careful to control your behaviour. Uncontrolled anger can be problematic to your relationship. From April to July, and again in November as Jupiter transits in sixth house, the situation will start to settle down. This year seems to be good as far as your children performance and results are concerned.

Healthwise, you might face some difficulties this year. This is especially in period from April to July due to transit of Jupiter in your sixth house which is the ruler of your eighth house. People suffering from prolonged illness should be very cautious as this may turn to be more serious. You might feel stress and tension due to more work. You may get relief from yoga and meditation There are chances of stomach related issues, headache and cough. Don’t neglect any health issues, as this may in turn lead to serious consequences.

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