Horoscope 2020: General Predictions

This year would be significant and very bright for the Gemini natives. However, you will have to face lots of challenges and variations which would force you to come out of your comfort zone. You would find new hopes and ways for betterment of your life.. You would be capable of handling these challenges with your intelligence, intellectual brilliance and courage.

This year expects from Geminis more hard work and efforts for favourable and positive results in terms of career. Due to the transit of Saturn in your eighth house, hurdles might come in to your business. The people who are in job, might be disappointed because of not getting the good return of their efforts. You need not to be disappointed. You can tackle them and make your ways smooth with patience, hard work and innovative ideas. Your managers might become more demanding. It is advised that you remain calm and focussed at your work. During November December efforts would start yielding good results. In partnership business, clashes with partner may make you stressed. This year would be good for the people who are thinking Relocation or job changes.

This year, you will observe significant growth in terms of finance. On 29th March 2020, as Jupiter transits in the eighth house, it will effect the second house too. This will increase your fund flow and you may get new sources of income and unexpected profit also. However, as Jupiter turns retrograde from 30th June to 20th November, 2020, you need to stay alert while taking decisions in money related matters. You will need to avoid any major financial decision or involvement in activities like speculation or huge lending during this period. Otherwise you may face various types of complications. Keep control on your expenditure. You may be able to buy new Vehicle. Foreign connections may be fruitful in strengthening your financial position.

Time in year 2020 is very challenging for students. This year demands special and extra attention in studies to get desired results. If you want to crack competitive exams you have to put extra efforts and time in studies. Initially, you might face distractions and lack of concentrations in your studies. The period from January to March is good for your performance. You have to keep calm and work hard to achieve desired results and hit your goals.

This year, Gemini people will find some ups and downs in their family life. The more inclination towards self will cause some sort of detachment with your family. As Jupiter turns retrograde, misunderstandings with your partner and other family issues will be increased. You will have to tackle it intelligently and softly. Argument might create complications. This year is good for your children as far as their studies and results are concerned.

Health Wise, Gemini natives are likely to get mixed results. From January to March, Jupiter will be posited in the seventh house which will effect first house too, after which it will be in the eighth house till July. It will again be posited in the seventh house till mid -November. These changes of Jupiter and also the position of Rahu will effect your health. Regular check up, good lifestyle may keep you fit and fine.

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