Horoscope 2020: General Predictions

This year will bring new goals and bright future for the Capricorn natives people. Planet Saturn will enter in Capricorn on 24th January and thus will be in your first house. This a perfect time to fulfil your ambitions with your hard work and realistic plans. Your determination and confidence will transform positively your professional as well as personal life. You are advised to avoid hasty decisions.

In terms of career, this year will show good results. Those who are in job will get good salary hike and bonus. People who have been searching job for a long time will definitely get the job. You may get the chance of foreign trip also. However, you may have to face difficulties and challenges at your workplace which might be tough for you. You may come across the situations which will make you little disappointed due to effect of Sade Sati. You may overcome these situations, only you need to keep patience and wait for the right time to show your talent. You may have to think rationally and work hard to boost your future prospects.

Financially, you are likely to get average results. Your expenses would be increased. Avoid unnecessary expenses. You have to make balance between your earning and expenditure. You have to be careful while doing investments. You are advised to take opinion of experts before making any important decision. You may buy property. This year, you will get lots of ideas and opportunities to make more money but you need to be careful while exploring all these.

For students, this year is going to be good to score good marks. Students need to work hard and pay special attention to get expected results. No shortcut will help you in achieving success. Your continuous effort will give you success. Those who are preparing for competitive examination will need to focus mainly on their studies and put extra efforts to achieve success. The period from March to June will be good for the results .

In general, this year seems to be good and peaceful at domestic front. Occasional disputes or differences between family members may come which would be avoided or sorted out peacefully. Your relationship with your spouse will be quite supportive and blissful. There will be coordination between family members which will make the environment of your house happy and comfortable. There is possibility of some celebration in family. In mid of the year, you may be worried about your mother’s health .

This year is favourable for your health. You will be get rid of certain diseases you have been suffering from a long time. You may suffer from dehydration during mid of year, so drink plenty of water to stay fit. If there is any health problem, don’t take lightly. Consult a doctor to get rid of it. You are advised to take healthy diet and spend some time on exercise regularly.

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