Horoscope 2019: General Predictions

As per the cancer 2019 horoscope, this year will bring new opportunities which will be good for your life. In the beginning of the year Rahu is transiting your sign so you will get some hurdles and challenges. But from 7th March 2019, Rahu moves into Gemini which will give you gradual relief from mental stress and constant worries of past.

As per planetary transits, Jupiter will transit Scorpio in your 5th house, from January 2019 to 30th March 2019. It will transit Sagittarius from 30th March to 22nd April. After 22nd April, it will again be transiting Scorpio till 4th November. Jupiter will be retrograde from 10th April to 11th August. Saturn will be remaining in Sagittarius in your 6th house, for the whole year and will retrograde from 30th April to 18th September. In the beginning of the year.

In terms of career this year seems to be favourable and productive for cancer natives. In the beginning of the year, you might feel work related stress. You may grow and prosper with your hard work and capabilities. People are in the job will be praised and promoted. If you are businessmen, you would get profitable deals and good return on your investments. You need to avoid taking any major decision related to your career at the end of the April. Businessmen should also avoid partnership and starting of new business during this period. Last quarter of this year (October to December ) will be advantageous, monetarily for cancer natives .

In terms of finance, this is a successful year for you. You may earn some handsome profit. You need to control your unnecessary expenses. You may be disturbed from your increasing expenditure. You need to avoid lending money without proper agreement. There are chances to buy new house.You may earn good profit by selling your property. Investment on land in last quarter of the year would be profitable.

This year seems fruitful for all the students who are quite sincere and focusing on their studies. You have to work hard and put extra efforts to get success. You are likely to get good results. August and September will be especially favourable for those who are giving competitive exams. You might hear some good news during this period. If you want to opt for overseas education, you may get success during this period.

This year, the family life of people having Cancer moon sign would be quite joyful and peaceful. You will experience a support and very good understanding with your partner which will strengthen your relationship. You may relish luxury of life and travel abroad. You will get good news about success of your children. This year you must take care of your children’s health especially between June to September. If you love someone, period from October to December is the right time to share your feeling with her or him to move ahead in your love relationship.

You may face health related issue such as headache, neural problem and joint pain. There may be risk of accident, so being careful while driving. Mental tension and stress might trouble you.

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