Horoscope 2020: General Predictions

As per the cancer 2020 horoscope, this year seems to be having mixed results. As per planetary transits, as Saturn, Jupiter along with Mercury are positioned in the seventh house will also effect the first house which may bring lots of challenges and big changes in your life. But you may get rid of any of this situation with your determination and hard work.

In terms of career, this year seems to be favourable and productive for cancer natives. During the year, sometimes, you might feel work related stress. You need to keep patience. Your hard work and determination will show you the rise in your career graph. People who are in search of the job may find job of their choices. Partnership business would be profitable. This year seems to be good for those trying transfer and changes in their job.

In terms of finance, You will get mixed results this year with few ups and downs. You need to control your unnecessary expenses. You may be disturbed from your increasing expenditure. Your financial condition may improve from July to mid-November. You are advised to think twice before making huge investment. You need to avoid lending money without proper agreement.

This year seems fruitful for all the students who are quite sincere and focusing on their studies. You have to work hard and put extra efforts to crack competitive exams. You are likely to get good results. January to August seems to be especially favourable as far as performance is concerned. If you want to opt for overseas education, you may get success during this period. However, You might have to struggle to get admission in the institute of your choice.

In terms of family life, you will face good as well as bad times during the course of the year. Due to the position of Saturn, misunderstanding can be developed between you and your spouse, which may end up with heated arguments. Your spouse health may also be affected. You may not spend much time with your family or might stay away from family due to position of Rahu. Marriage ceremony may take place in your family.

The planet Saturn is positioned in your seventh house, which will make you susceptible to health problems. Retrograde motion of Jupiter in July, will also increase the risk of health issues. You may suffer from fever, chronic diseases and rashes. Health issues should not be ignored. There may be risk of accident, so being careful while driving. Mental tension and stress might trouble you. You are advised to be particular about your routine exercise and diet habits to have a better energy level and fit and fine whole year.

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